Gypsum block equipment

Equipment characteristics:

The left and right walk of the block fixture is favorable for convenient transportation, convenient operation of workers and
equipment, and avoids the danger of workers operating equipment under the clamp and improves production capacity.

1. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high output, small noise, convenient operation, small occupation area, and accurate product size.
2. The mould is made of hard chromium plating, which is not easy to rust and increase the service life.
3. Automatic telescopic fixture, automatically block blocks, put blocks, save manpower, reduce labor intensity.
4. The control system adopts touch screen and programmable controller PLC, equipped with data input and output device, real-time display system running state, found fault, prompt alarm. The control system has the self—locking function, avoids the misoperation to produce. The remote fault diagnosis can be realized by telephone connection, and the production of the customer can be carried out in real time.
5. The blocks are automatically metered into the mixer using a variety of additives, (equipment upgrades).

Brief description of the production process

Product Usage

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