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Polystyrene steel wire mesh frame sandwich panel equipment

Steel wire mesh frame cement polystyrene sandwich panel, with flame-retardant polystyrene as the overall core board, two-way covered with cold drawn steel wire mesh, and mechanized two-way row insertion diagonal wire welding plate. The product is installed on site, and cement mortar is sprayed on both sides to form a wall. Light weight, high strength, sound insulation, shock isolation, waterproof, fireproof, good weather resistance and energy saving.

Partition wall vertical board equipment

The partition wall vertical slab is composed of harmless phosphogypsum, light steel slag, fly ash and other industrial waste slag, which is cured by variable frequency steam pressure. Lightweight partition wall panels have the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, breathing and humidity control, fire prevention, rapid construction, and reduced wall costs. The inner layer is equipped with a reasonable layout of heat-insulating and sound-absorbing inorganic foamed profiles or other heat-preserving materials, and the wall panels are poured, leveled, and scientifically maintained through an assembly line.

Gypsum block

Using desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum, natural gypsum and other building gypsum and fly ash as the main materials, the ratio of gypsum powder and fly ash is 6:4 or 7:3, and the gypsum powder is input into the metering barrel with a screw conveyor. Manually put the fly ash into another metering bucket, send it to the mixing bucket of the mixing platform by the conveyor belt, and stir it with the water injected into the mixing bucket, and then manually pour it into the mold from the opening under the mixing bucket. After the initial setting, the mold is manually flattened, and the mold is transported to the hydraulic station by the reducer device on the track, the hollow tube is ejected, and the mold is manually demolded, and the block is loaded into the transport vehicle and sent to the drying shed. At the same time, the tube is drawn After the machine pulls out the hollow tube, the hollow tube is installed on the mold, and then sent to the mixing platform for grouting, and the block production is carried out cyclically.

Insulation composite board equipment

Insulation composite board equipment can produce general specifications of products: 2440mm×600mm (500mm, 400mm, 300mm)×50mm (60mm, 70mm). The special-shaped size can be customized according to customer needs or customer local standards. In addition, this equipment can also produce decorative panels, and the special-shaped size can be customized according to customer needs or customer local local standards. The equipment production line has a dual-purpose machine, allowing customers to achieve two goals with one investment.