Eps 3d Steel Wire Mesh Wall Panel Machine

 3D wall panel is a kind of new type architecture wall material. It can replace the brisk wall to be kinds of main wall, non-main wall, and boundary etc. 3D mesh is a three-dimensional mesh, this product is widely used in Europe and the

 United States in the construction system to replace the wood framework wall, metal or prefabricated plate, has a flexible structure, simple construction, improve efficiency, save labor. characteristics:Park wall arch corners, curved wall using this product with camber free construction simply and quickly, modeling beautiful and so on as their characteristics. Interior lining insulation material with insulation strong characteristics of small occupied area so that the indoor space more labor-saving and time-saving structural integrity of the wall.


eps 3D wire mesh panel machine samples 02

3d Wire Mesh Panel Machine

EPS 3D Panel Machine Usage

eps 3D wire mesh panel machine onsite 01
eps 3D wire mesh panel machine onsite 03
eps 3D wire mesh panel machine onsite 04

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